Tab Benoit
Tacoma, WA
December 12th 2009

SBD/AUD Matrix

Recorded By: fubb
Lineage: SBD>R4 Channel's 1&2
SPC4 mics>R4 Channel's 3&4 (Oaded Bros concert Mod)
Recorded 24 bit/44.1 dithered to 16bit during mixing, multitracked
via Pro tools 8, cues via cdwave.

Nice show, good crowd. enjoy!

������Recorded and shared for the fun of it, please don't spoil my efforts by selling����
$$$$$$support the artist by buying his official stuff and seeing live shows$$$$$

Disc One:
1. I Got Loaded
2. One Foot In The Bayou
3. Midnight And Lonesome
4. Hot Tamale Baby
5. Pack It Up
6. Sac-au-Lait Fishing
7. The Blues Is Here To Stay
8. Nice and Warm
9. Good To Ya Baby/Spoonful
10. Why Are People Like That?
11. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It

Disc Two:
1. I Put A Spell On You
2. Stackolina
3. Drum Solo (Tab Benoit)
4. Night Train
5. Fever for the Bayou
6. Bring It on Home
7. Power Of The Pontchartrain
8. Travelin' South
9. Jambalaya
10. Louisiana Man