Tab Benoit(with special guests)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA
April 22nd 2010

Master front-row Recording - First time to CD!

Recorded and uploaded by arcme262

AT 933's>Tascam DR-1>
Nero Wave(volume, tracking)>

Part of a road-trip back to bayou country, where I grew up. Very cool to see Tab in this setting, among his own.
Recorded from front-row center, with a ton of Tab's guitar straight from his amp. Well, amps really, because Tab had a second guitarist for the entire night. Another member of LeRoux whose name I can't remember. Most of LeRoux played onstage that night at different times, if I'm not mistaken. The details are a bit foggy.
Check out the samples in the "comments" section.

I need help with the setlist please.