Tab Benoit
Blue Star Blues Festival
Clement Park
Littleton, CO

Source: Busman Audio BSC1/K11 (NOS) > Lunatec V3 > Busman HD-P2 (24/48)
Location: BOB/DFC, 40 ft from stage, 9ft up
Transfer: CF > WaveLab 6 (Normalize, Fades, Convert to 16bit, Resample
to 44.1 with Apogee UV22HR Dither) > CDWave (Tracking) >
Traders Little Helper (FLAC6)
Tagging: FLACs Tagged With Mp3tag v2.51

Recorded by Ryan Stearns (with help from Lilly Stearns, age 6)

Set 1:

01 Intro
02 Fever For The Bayou
03 Lost In Your Lovin'
04 A Whole Lotta Soul
05 Sunrise
06 Come & Get It
07 One Foot In The Bayou
08 Why Are People Like That
09 Night Train
10 Too Many Dirty Dishes
11 Tab Banter
12 Her Mind Is Gone
13 Nice & Warm
14 Shelter Me
15 Mudboat Melissa
16 These Arms Of Mine
17 Medicine
18 Crowd
19 Tab Banter
20 Hot Tamale Baby

-This festival was a fundraiser for the Blue Star Connection,a
non profit organization that brings music into the lives of
children and young adults who are fighting cancer and other
life challenging situations.
-PA crackles during the first song, but then cleans up.