Tab Benoit
The Mission
Jefferson City, Mo

t01 5:53.07
t02 5:58.26
t03 5:54.51
t04 6:24.62
t05 5:24.15
t06 7:38.46
t07 9:20.61
t08 4:22.33
t09 6:08.10
t10 6:11.51
t11 6:15.56
t12 6:01.24
t13 7:02.28
t14 14:53.39
t15 7:32.19

tot 105:02.03

Ryan Tomlinson Band opened

Zoom H4(levelswitch=l,lowcut=3, 44.1Khz@24b) on wall behind sbd
Goldwav(unlowcut,comp,volmax,tracking, split to 16b)
razorlame -b 80 -m j -V 4 -B 320 for mp3s
Traders Little helper(ffp,md5,flacs-level=6)

Thanks of course to the band for letting us do this.
Please don't forget to go to their gigs, check out their merch, and visit their website

Always share, never sell, and as Ribblefribbitz says: "Please do not convert to Edison tin cylinders or 78rpm wax discs."