Tab Benoit

Tampa, Florida
Skipper's Smokehouse
November 08, 2014

Source: Schoeps MK5 Omni's - Nbob Actives - Naiant Tinybox Transfo Out - Sony M10 (24-48)

Transfer: Micro SD card > wav file > Adobe Audition > Normalize-Downsample > CD Wave Cut > TLH > FLAC level 8 & Align on SB
Recording Location: 3 ft Left Stack
Recorded by: Datfly


01. Why Are People Like That
02. Travelin' South
03. Darkness
04. Tab Talking
05. Crawfishin'
06. Blues Is Here To Stay
07. Tab Talking
08. We Make Good Gumbo
09. Come & Get It

Set II

10. For What It's Worth
11. Shelter Me
12. Tab Talking
13. Too Many Dirty Dishes
14. Medicine
15. Lost In Your Lovin' - Selwyn Birchwood Lead Vocal & Guitar
16. Selwyn Birchwood Jam Song + Tab on Drums
17. Tab Talking
18. Boat Launch Baby with Selwyn Birchwood

I stood in a light rain for the entire show with a pauncho on
and in the quiet parts you may hear a few light pops from the rain hitting the hood.

Selwyn Birchwood came out for Too Many Dirty Dishes and played the rest of the set.


November 24 2014