Tab Benoit
Rock 'N' Bowl
New Orleans, LA

Tab Benoit - Guitar
Corey Duplechin - Bass
Terence Higgins - Drums
Wayne Sharp - B3
Carolyn Wonderland - Guitar

Audience->Schoeps MK4-Naiant Tinybox-Sony PCM-M10-cdwav->mp3tag for tagging->Traders Little Helper->recorded by seedy

Recorded from the left side about 25 feet from the stage

01 intro
02 Why Are People Like That
03 Shelter Me
04 Nothing Takes The Place Of You
05 Dog Hill
06 banter
07 Solid Simple Things
08 Sunrise
09 Sac-Au-Lait- Fishing
10 I Got Loaded
11 The Blues Is Here To Stay
12 banter
13 Standing On The Bank
14 Travelin' South
15 Crawfishin'
16 crowd-banter
17 The Seventh Son
18 Medicine

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