Tab Benoit
Driving Wheel
The Mission, Jefferson City Mo
"Dragon Roll Show"

Driving Wheel
opening for Tab Benoit; billed as 'Ryan Tomlinson & the Driving Wheel Blues Revue'

John The Revelator
You Upset Me
Southern Belle Blues
Better Off With The Blues
I Ain't Guilty
.44 Blues>
Got The Funk>
Who Knows (tease)>Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Old Friend>Levee (tease)>Puppet String


Ryan Tomlinson : guitar, vocals
Jeremy Hunsaker : bass, vocals
Christopher Bryant : guitar, vocals
Dana Johnson : drums

Tab Benoit

I Got Loaded
Lost In Your Loving
In It To Win It
Blues Is Here To Stay
'Happy Birthday, Adam!'
Louisiana Style
Night Train
These Arms Of Mine
Pack It Up
It's Alright
I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow
Solid Simple Thing

time: 114:12.70

Tab Benoit : guitar, vocals
Corey Duplechin : bass, vocals
Doug Gay : drums

Adam Ross : road manager, birthday

Driving Wheel

Reconsider Baby
Poor Man's Rain>*
Where The Devil Don't Stay>*
Hoochie Coochie Man*
**setup and tuning**

time: 26:21.15

*Driving Wheel (Ryan & Jeremy w/Dana - no Chris)

the Dragon Roll Revue & Friends'

Mama, Talk To Your Daughter#
Ain't No Sunshine%
Dragon Roll Jam>Drums>Homeless Child~

time: 30:11.31

#Corey on vocals, Tab on drums, Jeremy on bass, Chris on guitar and Ryan on guitar
%same as above except Ryan on vocals, Corey on bass and Jeremy on guitar; no Chris.
~same as above; Corey and Jeremy switch off during and it ends with Corey on guitar and Jeremy on bass for 'Homeless Child'


Driving Wheel
The Man To Be+
time: 3:49.45
+ 'The Driving Wheel Blues Revue'

Total time (1-5): 230:57.09

Happy Birthday, Adam!!

Thanks to Jeremy for the setlists

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Goldwav(unlowcut,comp,volmax,tracking, split to 16b)
razorlame -b 80 -m j -V 4 -B 320 for mp3s
Traders Little helper(ffp,md5,flacs-level=6)

Thanks of course to the band for letting us do this.
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