Taj Mahal
KSAN Studios, San Francisco, CA

SBD > FM > C > C > trade CDR of unknown gens.
> EAC > FLAC + checksum by amellowsoul

01 USS Gregory
02 Tom And Sally Drake
03 glockenspiel instrumental
04.penny whistle instrumental
05 Rollin' Wheel Blues
06 She Killed The Blues
07 slide guitar instrumental
08 Hesitation Blues
09 Railroad Bill > Baby It Ain't No Lie
10 Annie's Lover
11 Stagger Lee
12 Ain't Gwine To Whistle Dixie Any Mo' > outro.

-Solo Taj
-A wonderful and very relaxing performance
-Few moments of static or FM hiss, but still sounds very good
-Research has shown that DocTinker is the person who shared this with the internet world, all thanks goes to him!

Enjoy, as always,
-Tom Shyman (amellowsoul@gmail.com)