TAJ MAHAL-1971-03-00-KSAN Studio, San Francisco---From Ex sounding Cassette off 2nd Gen. FM--

Friends hereīs a Taj Mahal solo performance, recorded live in the KSAN- FM studio!
Itīs truely phantastic to listen to this incredible lecture in Blues, sung & played on various instruments!
This is an exellent stereo recording with occassional slight interferences.
MP 3 samples below!

01-USS Gregory
02-Tom & Sally Drake
03-Glockenspiel Instr.
04-Penny Whistle Instr.
05-RollinīWheeel Blues
06-She killed the Blues
07-Slide guitar Instr.
08-Hesitation Blues
09-Railroad Bill/Baby it ainīt no Lie
10-Annieīs Lover
11-Stagger Lee
12-Whistle Song/outro
TT: 45.27

2nd Gen. Cassette-Nak ZX7-PDR-05-EAC-Cool edit(tracking only)-Flac

Transferred & uploaded to Dime in Jan. 07 by Doc Tinker!

Enjoy this piece of Taj Mahal history!