Taj Mahal
Denver, CO


D1: Early Show [51:13]

01. Banjo Rag
02. Kalimba Music
03. Cakewalk Into Town
04. Big Legged Woman
05. Mailbox Blues
06. Ain't Nobody's Business
07. Fishin' Blues
08. Straight Shootin' Blues
09. Ain't Gwine Whistle Dixie (Any Mo')
10. Changed My Way Of Livin'
11. Corinna

D2: Late Show [54:24]

01. Kalimba Music
02. Banjo Rag
03. Cakewalk Into Town
04. Mailbox Blues
05. Ain't Nobody's Business
06. Meat Shakin' Mama
07. Fishin' Blues
08. Sweet Home Chicago
09. Linin' Track Blues

Solo - Early & Late Shows

I had noted previously (to myself on the disc sleeve) that there were "3 spots of minor analog distortion" in set one of this show, but upon listening again to find them, only one major analog artifact jumped out at me - @ 05:36 in t4 where there was about 2 sec of 'bleed thru' on the master. since it was a very quiet portion of a quiet song, it was removed unnoticeably and without any interruption of music. the other two spots (wherever they are) are minor and inherent in the master recording.

Size: 444 MB (FLAC)