Taj Mahal
Berkeley Community Theater
Berkeley, CA


FM > ? > CDR rcvd in trade > eac > wav > cdwav > cep > shntool > flac

101-/KSAN Intro > Show Intro
102-Freight Train
103-Good Morning Miss Brown
104-Blackjack Davy
105-? (mostly instrumental)
106-Baby, You're My Destiny
107-Going up to the Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue
108-? (something about low rider or precious rider?)
109-Why Did You Have to Desert Me?
110-Slave Driver
111-Instrumental Jam (more blues flavored - band intro' within)
112-Instrumental Jam > KSAN Outro (more latin flavored)

Robert Greenidge - steel drums
Rudy Costa - wind
Ray Fitzpatrick - bass
Kester Smith - drums
Kwasi Dzidzornu- congas
Larry McDonald - percussion
Bismark Franco - percussion

Note: Thanks to ex-KSAN'er Norman Davis for the source. Editing was minor - removed a couple of minor blips and re-tracked. Normalized volume. No noise reduction.

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