july 6, 1986
chicago, illinois

--john e lee18--

master tape (tdk sa-c90)>technics rs-t36r>r9(line in)>2gb memory card>pc>audition>cd wav>tlh(flac 6)>you

the left channel's volume was increased by 3db. the tracks have been cut using cd wave. nothing else has been done.
the fade in and fade out is present on the master

this master tape comes from the taper himself, though he does not recall the type of deck used to record this show.
wbez had a sunday show called "flea market" that was broadcast 'live' from navy pier. a sharp ear will hear it
referenced on the last track

during one of the tracks, taj mentions playing it a little earlier. the taste of chicago
concluded its 10 day run that day, so he likely sat in with someone for a few
numbers or possibly played a full set.

the tape runs about 41 min and for the most part sounds like your usual fm broadcast. there are a couple of problems
during the 1st track, but it corrects itself withing the first minute. also, the fades at the start and the end of the tape
seem to be a part of the broadcast. its possible taj's set was recorded earlier in the day

01)statesboro blues
02)little red rooster
03)stager lee
04)mailbox blues (?)
05)blues with a feeling
06)johnny too bad

enjoy. share. try to support the muscians by catching a gig or through purchasing some merchandise, even if it is one track.

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