Taj Mahal
December 29, 1991
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, California, USA

Soundboard Dat copied from cassette master.

This is especially for Dime member Goody who was in Taj's band! Special thanks for setlist/band member assistance and also for his ongoing pitch-correction help to the Dime community which included "pre-verifying" that this show was at the correct pitch. It all sounded fine to me but I sent him samples to be sure...

The master was recorded by the sound man, not a dedicated taper, and is unfortunately all that exists since as far as I know a part 2 master was not recorded. My Dat was copied from the cassette master soon after the show happened.

Due to low original record levels it's a bit hissy-sounding in a few quieter spots but when the music's going it all sounds fairly excellent - check the samples to decide for yourself.

disc #1 - first set - 55:06
01 [00:26] tune ups, talk and crowd before first song of set
02 [03:50] Blues With A Feeling
03 [05:24] Big Legged Mamas Are Back In Style
04 [00:50] talk
05 [04:25] Stagolee
06 [06:14] Come On In My Kitchen
07 [01:21] band intros
08 [07:12] Strut [minor digi-noise in this song for a couple of seconds or so]
09 [06:07] Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue
10 [03:48] She Caught the Katy and Left Me a Mule To Ride
11 [05:21] Do I Love Her?
12 [05:21] Don't Call Us [cuts in]
13 [04:39] Everybody Is Somebody
14 [00:08] thanks before end of first set

disc #2 - second set incomplete - 36:44
01 [06:13] Ev'ry Wind In The River
02 [07:27] Leaving Trunk
03 [10:22] Queen Bee
04 [07:44] Checkin' Up On My Baby
05 [04:58] Scattered [cut]

Taj Mahal - keyboards (D1-T02 & 03), acoustic guitar, harmonica, lead vocals
Marc Goodman - keyboards
Mark Jordan - keyboards, background vocals
Eric Bazilian - guitar
Doug Grigsby - bass
Andy Kravitz - drums
Carey Williams - background vocals and road manager

Lineage: Soundboard cassette master > Dat

Transfer: Panasonic 3700 > Macintosh AudioMedia III card > Pro Tools (minor "nip and tuck" edits, normalization and tracking - no equalization or noise reduction) > AIFF > xACT (flac level 8 files with sector boundaries verified).

Enjoy and SHARE!