Taj Mahal and the Phantom Blues Band
Ultimate Rythmn and Blues Cruise

Sony D7 > sbd > CDR was the original rip but for you it's

(sbd > dat >) CDR > EAC > Flac

I could not make this tour but my best friend did along with my recording gear. It was a cruise ship out of Florida with all blues bands scheduled.
I can't find anything out about this tour on all of the internet and it even appears that the name was copyrighted starting in 2002.

If memory serves most of the bands booked on this tour were blues bands from the NOLA area to include the Radiators. I believe this tour left out of Port Orange or maybe Tampa FL. It was the Radz along with Taj that I wanted to go on this tour so bad.

This was back in the day of D7 or 8s recording on DATs and going through a DAC from the mic. Unless, of course, one was able to get a sound board link as provided by the Radiators seeing as how they were also on this tour. The Radz soundman use to leave out a patchbay of connections so we, tapers, could patch into his soundboard. Obviously, the bands rotate through all the stages so when they get to the stage with the Radz sound system, well there you have it ;)

Doing some reorganizing and found this little gem. Going to see him again in Feb '17. Hope to have another tape soon.

Could use some help with the set list.

disk 1

01 Linda Lou
02 Leavin' Trunk
03 ??
04 Think
05 ??
06 Irresistable You
07 You Rascal You
08 Real Bad Day
09 Cheatin' On You
10 Love Me To My Soul
11 Senior Blues
13 Feel Like A Stranger
14 Think It Over

disk 2

15 Here In The Dark
16 Down Home Girl
17 Let The Four Winds Blow
18 Hoochi Coochi Coo
19 ??
20 Oop Poo Pa Do
21 I Need Your Lovin' Every Day
22 encore: Lovin' In My Baby's Arms
23 Corrina