(dedicated to Tony50 who lives in this beautiful city of Coutances)

Taj Mahal & The Phantom Blues Band
Jazz Sous Les Pommiers

May 30th, 2000

Broadcast : ? later in Atout Jazz, Radio France Normandie-Caen

Lineage : FM (stereo) -> Reel-to-reel -> HD -> unedited CD -> me -> CDWAVe -> SoundForge -> FLAC -> you

Setlist :
02. Shake
03. Im a stranger in my hometown
05. Senior Blues (Horace Silver tribute)
06. Mailbox Blues
07. In the Dark (?)

While I was editing my previous Taj Mahal I remembered I had another recording made by my wife's uncle living in Normandy. He had made me a copy of his taping another Taj Mahal's set in Jazz Sous Les Pommiers. It took quite some time to find the date but I'm pretty sure this is it. The recording goes suddenly down after about 30 minutes so I had to remove the final part but even as short as it is, this is great music.

Another filler will be necessary, I guess... So I found another CD from my uncle : Buddy Guy in Marciac, in 2004!

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Enjoy !