Taj Mahal
Cuesta College Auditorium
San Luis Obispo, CA

Neumann AK-40's (x/y) >LC3 >KM-100s >Beyer MV-100 >SBM-1 >Sony TCD-D7

DAT Master Transferred: Tascam DA-30 >S/PDIF >HHb CDR 800 PRO
CD Masters >WAV Via xACT 2.37 >Audacity (Minor Left-Channel Repairs [Repair Loud Clapper, Left Channel], [Repair Channel Drop Out At End Of Final Disc II Track] >FLAC (Level 8) + Tags Via xACT 2.37

(Recorded Row X, Seat # 12)
Recorded, Transferred, Audacity, FLAC & Tags By OldNeumanntapr

Disc 1
01. Honky Tonk
02. Think
03. EZ Rider
04. Hard Way
05. The Hoochie Coochi Coo
06. Irresistible You
07. Cheatin' On You
08. Queen Bee
09. Senor Blues
10. Mailbox Blues

Disc 2
01. Don't Tell Me
02. Rain From The Sky
03. Here In The Dark
04. Down Home Girl
05. Good Job
06. Mr. Pitiful
07. Ooh Poo Pah Doo >
08. I Need Your Lovin’*

*End Of Track Converted To Mono Due To Preamp Left-Channel Dropouts

OldNeumanntapr Notes-
I'd heard about Taj Mahal for years and was happy to finally see him, though sadly he didn’t do ‘Big Leg Women Are Back In Style Again’, one of my favorites of the songs that he does. It was always nice to see a show at the old Cuesta Auditorium. I was almost in the very back of the room, so this show sounds a bit distant and has a stronger element of crowd noise. I think I bought a ticket at the last minute and that was all that was left. The Cuesta Auditorium was a shoe-box type auditorium, built back during WW II and has since been closed down having not been deemed worthy for a seismic safety retrofit. The theater had peeling paint and a leaky roof but the acoustics were great! (There was a loud clapper on my left that spiked the left channel at times so I had to do some minor work in Audacity to repair this. I had to isolate the affected areas by splitting them off into small sub tracks. Then I split those stereo sub tracks to two track mono and copied the good right channel track and duplicated it, thus creating two right channel mono tracks. These sections were sometimes only five to ten seconds or so. Then I graphed those small mono sections back into the main track via the ‘Find Zero Crossing’ application in Audacity and exported the tracks one at a time. The last portion of the last track of the recording has been changed to mono in Audacity this same way because of left-channel preamp dropouts from a bad left-channel XLR jack.)

Do NOT Convert To MP3.
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