This was the second of two solo appearances by Taj Mahal at The Ark. The Ark is my favorite all time venue because of its intimacy. With 300+ sears, no seat is more than 30 feet away from the stage.

The audio was not altered. I may post later the opening act for both nights, a young rising star starting out.

Taj Mahal
The Ark
Ann Arbor Michigan
January 11, 2002

Source: Audience recording > Sonic Studios DSM6's > Sony TCD-D8 > DAT master > Tascam CDR-W700 > CD-R > EAC v.0.9 beta 3 > WAV > Soundforge 6.0 > CD Wave v.1.71 > WAV > mkwACT v.0.97 beta 1 > SHN. Soundforge was also used to normalize crowd noise between songs to -4.0 dB. Mastered and DAT > CD-R transfer by Steve Hale; CD-R > SHN transfer by Dan Gale (

CD 1:
01. (introduction)
02. (unknown instrumental)
03. Light Rain Blues
04. Fishin' My Blues Away
05. Stagger Lee
06. Good Morning Miss Brown
07. Fishin' Blues
08. New Hula Blues
09. Blues With a Feeling
10. Big Leg Mamas Are Back In Style Again
11. Freight Train (instrumental)
12. Catfish Blues
13. Corrina
14. Cakewalk Into Town

15. Take a Giant Step
16. Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes

Total time = 77:43