Taj Mahal 2496
Ponte Vedra Beach Concert Hall

Tascam DR 40 > SDcard > CDWave > WaveLab LE7 (fades/merge) > TLH (flac) > you

Audacity for fade in/out

FOB within about 10 rows of stage slightly off center

My first album (LP) of Taj was Giant Step double album back in the early 70's. I have many albums/cd of his since watching him go through many changes/variations of his mucic. Last night I wished for and saw his return to his true roots as a blues guitar soloist roughly sixty years later. He played a variety of instruments; guitar, Nashville? (metalshell looks similar to a Dobro) banjo, 12 string ukelele and one tune on keyboard.
The man had the audience singing without his prompting on the very first tune- what do you say to that?
For the most part the audience was respectful, little talking, though I did have them come/go for their drinks so there will be a bit of phasing- maybe two or three times. Other than that a clean capture. Pretty much cleans out my bucket list for this year of captures.
If you need Audacity (free s/w) can resample for you.

Feel free to help with corrections/additionas to set list and I will change in the header above. NOT FOR SALE or RE-SALE, do not mp3 and post. Please support the artists as this is to only be used for memory sake.

01. Intro
02. Cakewalk Into Town
03. Fishin' Blues
04. Make A Stong Man Holler
05. Corrina, Corrina
06. She Got Me
07. Early In The Morning
08. Instrumental- banjo
09. Walkin' With My Baby Down By San Fransico Bay
10. Lovin' From My Baby's Eyes
11. Little Brown Dog
12. Stagger Lee
13. Move Up To The Country
14. Instrumental ??
15. Rock Me To My Soul
16. Yes I Love You Baby
17. Giant Step
18. Out

Pics in comments and mp3 sample to come. There was no encore as, you could tell the way he walked off the stage, as a seventy-five year old he had done his job, all of it.
Hope you enjoy.

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