Taj Mahal
And The Phantom Blues Band
July 1, 1996
Potowatomi Blues And Soul Stage,
Summerfest Grounds,
Milwaukee, WI

Recording rig: Sonic Studios DSM-6P mikes>Sony WMD-6C>Maxell XLII-S 100 (dolby C)
Lineage: master tape>Harmon Kardon TD 302, heads aligned to tape, dolby C decoded>Zoom H2 @16/44.1>
PC>tracked via wavepad)>FLAC (level 8 ) and checksums via traderslittlehelper
Field recording and all other mastering by arfarf.
No EQ or other sweetening of what I am hoping is an accurate reflection of the master recording.
Master tape to cdr transfer 2012-07-09

Disc 1 -50:34-

01 -Stage intro & tuning-
02 Strut
03 Blues Ain't Nothin'
04 Hard Way
05 You Rascal You
06 Don't Tell Me
07 Let The Four Winds Blow
08 Rain From The Sky
09 Mailbox Blues
10 Here In The Dark
11 Further On Down The Road (You Will Accompany Me)

Disc 2 -36:23-

01 -banter-
02 Down Home Girl
03 Cheatin' On You
04 The Hustle Is On
--First Encore-
05 -applause and banter-
06 She Took The Kady
07 -tuning-
08 Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes
09 I Need Your Lovin'
--Second Encore-
10 -applause and tuning-
11 Mr. Pitiful
12 Corrina

Notes: The tape was flipped at the end of disc 1, track 11.
The tape was paused at 00:26 of disc 2 track 05,
and at 00:24 of Disc 2 track 10, silences removed.

As always, I am offering this in hopes that it be further shared.
My bandwidth is limited, so all are welcome and encouraged
to share this on other trackers.
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