Taj Mahal & Richie Havens
Teatro Tenda TV, Roma, Italy
September 1979

Source : Roma TV broadcast > ?? > Cassette Master (courtesy of M.R. archives)

Transfer: Zoom H4n (16 bit / 44.1 kHz)

Editing: Soundforge (tracking) > Wav > TLH (SB's aligned) Flac level 8

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This audio is taken from a TV performance, filmed at the Teatro Tenda with Taj Mahal & Richie Havens.

The tape starts off with Taj Mahal doing 3 different takes of "Fishin' Blues". (that kind of surprised me, but it was cool to hear.)

Then Richie plays a "Guitar Slim" cover "The Things That I Used To Do" (very rarely recorded and rarely played) and then surprisingly...

Taj Mahal comes back out and performs "Dust My Broom" by Robert Johnson.

Richie follows that by playing "Dreams" from Fleetwood Mac and has an unidentified woman singing with him.

It's a very different version and I almost didn't recognize it. They each do 1 more song a piece, then Richie closes out the show with

"Motherless Child / Freedom", but the MC talks over the song 3 times. I'm curious to know what the man is saying in Italian.

I wish I knew where the video footage was for this performance. But I realize that most people didn't own video tape recorders back in 1979.

Maybe a re-broadcast exists somewhere in someone's collection. I enjoy Taj Mahal, but it's the Richie Havens tracks that are really the gems of this tape.

Thanks to Mauro for at least capturing the audio portion. I think this will be new to everyone here.

Richie played several dates in Italy and Germany during the month of Sept 1979.

Set list:
01 Fishin' Blues (1) - Taj Mahal
02 Fishin' Blues (2) - Taj Mahal
03 Fishin' Blues (3) - Taj Mahal
04 The Things That I Used To Do (Guitar Slim cover) - Richie Havens
05 Dust My Broom (Robert Johnson cover) - Taj Mahal
06 Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover) - Richie Havens (with unknown woman)
07 I Was Educated By Myself - Richie Havens (with piano)
08 L-O-V-E, Love - Taj Mahal (with piano)
09 Motherless Child / Freedom - Richie Havens (interrupted by MC)

Total Time = 30:12

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