Tuomani Diabate and Taj Mahal
June 29, 1990
KQED-FM (SF, CA) broadcast

Tuomani and Taj are interviewed and play together.

Recorded and mastered to cdr by Easy Ed.

lineage: FM > cassette master (TDK SA100, Dolby B on)

transfer: JVC KD-V6 (playback, with Dolby off*) > Sek'd Prodif Plus soundcard > Sound Forge 8 (24 bit, normalize, track splits) > 16 bit .wav files > FLAC level 8 encoding align on sector boundaries. BIAS Sound Soap plug in used to reduce tape hiss.

setlist: some talking, some of what they played was improvisational, so I haven't a clue how to title the tracks, but I did divide the recording to make it possible to navigate to the parts you may want to hear. TRT is 32min41sec

My FM reception was good but not perfect.

*When you record with Dolby B on it boosts high frequencies by 10dB, with the idea than playing back with Dolby B on will cut high frequencies by 10dB and in the process reduce hiss. In this case, since I played back with Dolby B *off*, we would expect a boost to high frequencies, which reduced by using the BIAS Sound Soap plug in.