Taj Mahal and Keb Mo' (TAJMO), Marseille-France, Festival Jazz des Cinq Continents, Jardin du Palais Longchamp, 26 july 2017, Kikki aud master

Many thanks again to Kikki for offering another recording and another artwork (credits photos : back from Kikki, others from Laurent).

Recorded with :
"Soundman OKM II Studio Rock" microphones (actually including Sennheiser capsules) and Roland Edirol 09 recorder.

Received raw file, Audacity (eq for less basses, channels levels adjusted, tracks), FLAC export, md5 with TLH.

This is an excellent recording.

Setlist :

01 Intro
02 Senor Blues
03 Don't Leave Me Here
04 Government Cheese
05 That's Who I Am
06 Queen Bee
07 Divin' duck Blues
08 Am I Wrong
09 She Just Wants To Dance
10 Take A Giant Step
11 Band introduction
12 The Worst Is Yet To Come
13 She Caught The Katy

14 Gimme What You Got
15 You Don�t Miss Your Water (�Til You Well Runs Dry)
16 Gonna Move Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue
17 Leaving Trunk
18 All Around The World
19 Audience
20 Soul

For a 2 cd set : 2 x 10 tracks (see artwork).

On dime, november 2017.
Samples in comments.