Take It Easy Ranch
Bluegrass Festival
Callaway, MD
July 20, 1974
the Saturday Show
3 daytime sets

FOB up-front dead-center was invented here -- by a Great Taper named Monte Barry
SBD is 10 ft behind me -- stage is 15 ft in front of me

Nakamichi 550 - Dolby NR
Advent Chromium Dioxide tape
Electro-Voice RE-15 mic - on stand

Lineage: Nakamichi 550 > Lexicon Alpha > Samplitude > Flac

Taped, transferred, and remastered by Monte Barry
-- studio quality sound by a brilliant Taper
-- Just published April 25, 2008
-- track changes are seamless

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Set 1 - famous Dobro player
Josh Graves band w/ Vassar Clements
d1t01 name this tune
d1t02 Nine Pound Hammer
d1t03 Jimmy Brown and the News Boy
d1t04 band intro
d1t05 Maiden's Prayer
d1t06 name this tune
d1t07 The White Trash Song
d1t08 Steel Guitar Chime
d1t09 name this sweet tune
d1t10 Great Big Woman and a Little Bitty Bottle of Wine
d1t11 Just Joshin'
d1t12 Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Set 2 - famous Guitar picker
Norman Blake
d2t01 Bully in the Town
d2t02 The Last Train from Poor Valley
d2t03 Cattle in the Corn
d2t04 Sweet Heaven
d2t05 Southern Railroad Blues
d2t06 McKinley in the Whitehouse
d2t07 Wildwood Flower
d2t08 Coming Down from Rising Fawn
d2t09 Randall Collins

Set 3 - famous Violin player
Vassar Clements w/ Josh Graves & boys
d3t01 instrumental
d3t02 Good Woman's Love
d3t03 instrumental
d3t04 Maiden's Love
d3t05 instrumental
d3t06 instrumental
d3t07 instrumental
d3t08 Lonesome Fiddle Blues
d3t09 Orange Blossom Special