Tal Farlow
Scott's Corner, Lorne Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland, UK 26 May 1986
AUD Master

Tal Farlow - Guitar
Brian Shields - Bass
John Rae - Drums
Ian McHaffie - Guitar on Disc 2 Track 09

Disc 1

01 Tuning & Atmosphere
02 Just Friends
03 Body & Soul
04 Lil' Darlin'
05 Track 05
06 Misty
07 The Shadow of Your Smile
08 Autumn Leaves

Disc 2

01 Tuning & Atmosphere
02 Angel Eyes (?)
03 How Deep is the Ocean
04 Satin Doll
05 Stella by Starlight
06 Track 06
07 Track 07
08 Have You Met Miss Jones?
09 Cherokee (cuts/fades)

Recording Lineage

Sony Mono Cassette Recorder with built-in mic -> Cassette Master

Playback lineage

Cassette Master on Technics Cassette Deck -> Alesis Masterlink @ 44.1kHz, 16-bit (Track splits, level adj & fades) -> CDR -> EAC to WAV, TLH to FLAC

Mastering Notes

Straightforward transfer, no EQ or other DSP apart from slight level boost, and no editing. Note that this was a gig in a
hotel bar, with all the noise and distractions that entails - talking,
glasses clinking, and the ever-present buzz of the cash register behind the bar......

If anyone can name tracks 5, 6 and 7, please do so. The trio was joined by the event's promoter on the last track.

Distribution Notes

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Mastered Oct 2011