Talking Heads Matthew Kaufmann Demos EP 1975

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01 Psycho Killer
02 First Week/Last Week... Carefree
03 For Artists Only
04 1-2-3 Red Light (live)

Taken from the 'Psycho Killers' bootleg EP (circa 1979)
Sound is a bit on the tinny side... sounds like a cheap record player!

One for the archivists, really, unless a better copy can be found! (hint, hint!)



Demos (live performance - track fades)

01 First Week-Last Week
02 Artists Only
03 I Wish You Wouldn't Say That
04 New Feeling
05 The Book I Read
06 I'm Not In Love

More Demos (Studio)

07 Happy Day
08 Love Goes To Building On Fire
09 Book I Read
10 I'm Not In Love
11 I Wish You Wouldn't Say That

Live -Village Gate 1977 Wbai

12 Love-Building On Fire (Missing First Few Notes)
13 With Our Love

My Friend "L" Got These Back In The Late 70's from an insider who was in a band and knew the Heads. The first 6 tracks are a soundboard from a live gig. You can hear the audience between songs. The next 5 are from a studio recording. Sounds more polished than the 1975 demos posted earlier in the month. If these are out-takes or something else, please let me know.