The Showplace
Dover NJ

01 Artists Only
02 The Book I Read
03 fix the monitors
04 Happy Day
05 Psycho Killer
06 New Feeling
07 Thank You for Sending Me an Angel
08 Who Is It?
09 96 Tears/ (cut)

Source: Mono AUD (unknown gear) MAC > 1st-gen cassette copy from
"Andy M's" master tape, kindly provided via the BFOQ collection.

Transfer: TDK-SA > Nakamichi CR-5A (Dolby off) > Edirol FA-66 >
Wavelab 2448 > R8Brain SRC > CD-Wave > TLH > FLAC 1644 tagged.
Transfer by

Note: Date not written on tape, sounds like mid-to-late 1976.

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