Le Bataclan
Paris France
(Opening for The Ramones)

16bit/44.1kHz file-set

01 intro
02 Love -> Building on Fire
03 Uh Oh Love Comes to Town
04 /Don't Worry About the Government
05 /Take Me to the River
06 I Feel it in My Heart
07 Who Is It?
08 The Book I Read
09 New Feeling
10 /A Clean Break//
11 //I'm Not in Love
12 Pulled Up
13 Psycho Killer
14 Encore: No Compassion

Source: Unknown mono mic > Uher 4200 > 5-inch reel-to-reel at 3.75-ips.
Concert recording by Pascal Regoli. Thanks to Pascal for sharing his tape!

Transfer: MAR > Technics RS-1506 > Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 > Audacity > WAV
2448 > Wavelab > CD-Wave (24bit-output) > R8Brain > TLH > FLAC 1644 tagged.
Transfer by BFOQ and

Note: The soundscape changes a bit as the taper moves around the venue.

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