Artist - Title
Amsterdam Paradiso / 1977

Label: N/A
Audio Source:radio broadcast
Lineage: for example: FM-->tape-->tape --> WAV --> CDR --> EAC --> Foobar --> FLAC 5 --> MWP.
Number of Discs: 1
Artwork: yes
Total running time: 35m 26s

Notes: This came to me about 20 years ago, a low-gen tape of an early Heads broadcast. The levels and sound hiccup a touch during the first minute or two,
but then settle down to a reasonable quality. The broadcast is short but sweet, with the band showing how tight they were, and how good Byrne was on guitar.
I've had a (very) quick rummage about and can't find it, so I thought I'd share as a first upload. (Be patient with me it's my first. I've used foobar
because I couldn't get flac frontend to work, and yes, I did all of the suggested workarounds.)
I've always thought of this as a nice, tight set of early stuff, and a broadcast, too. Worth a listen if you enjoy pre 'Remain in light' heads.
Reminder, it's FLAC 5, NOT 8!
01 - Love comes to buildings on fire
02 - Uh oh, love comes to town
03 - Don't worry about tje government
04 - Take me to the river
05 - The book I read
06 - New feeling
07 - Wash that love away
08 - Who is it?
09 - Psycho killer

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