Talking Heads, Paris-France Stadium, 1978 june 6th, uncirculated SM aud master

I had a request from nfaqdtrfb (i prefer to say Andrew !) for this; it seems another recording of this show doest not exist.
I like to please the fans of any group (well, actually, i don't mind about Madona's followers), so i tried to get the best result for this torrent.
The old cassette sounded good on side A but really bad on side B.
I did a surgery on it, changing the shell; then, A sounded the same but B came out better than A.

Check samples for SQ; to me it's very correct considering the gear used : the Sony TC 150 was a good little machine but the external Philips mic i had was a bit crappy.

Cassette played on a Marantz SD 4051 deck, to Zoom H4, SD card to PC, Audacity editions (tracks and volume), FLAC (TLH).

The set list attempt (help me, i like he Heads but my top band from this era was Television) :

01 Intro
02 The big country
03 Take me to the river
04 The book i read
05 The girls want to be with the girls
08 Love, building on fire
09 Don't worry about ...
10 The good thing
11 Artist only
12 Warning sign
13 Pulled up
14 Psycho killer
15 Audience
16 New feeling - ?
17 Audience

Samples in comments and ticket scan in the torrent.

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