Talking Heads?at The Lyceum?London, ENG, UK?Wednesday, July 12, 1978?-the show was opened by Merger?-there is a guest back- up singer on 'The Good Thing'.??73:13 (A= 44:27; B= 28:46)??1. The Big Country?2. Take Me To The River?3. The Book I Read?4. The Girls Want To Be With The Girls?5. ...With Our Love?6. Uh- Oh, Love Comes To Town?7. Love Goes To Buildings On Fire?8. Don't Worry About The Government?9. The Good Thing?10. Artists Only?--?11. Warning Sign (minus beg.)?12. Pulled Up?13. Psycho Killer?14. New Feeling?15. Found A Job?16. No Compassion?17. Thank You For Sending Me An Angel??David Byrne= vocals, guitar?Jerry Harrison= guitar, keyboards, vocals?Tina Weymouth= bass, vocals?Chris Frantz= drums??NOTE: B begins with 'Warning Sign'

Arcorman, 14 June 2012:

Many, many thanks to the dutch long time TH + TTC fan Hans Devente, (Madtaper) for this recording !!!!!!!!!!

He�s a good friend with the bands over 30 years........

I got in contact with Hans some months ago.

I was very proud to get his TH tape collection in wave format, after he posted some mp3 stuff on a blog.

Anyway. I gave him some money for his work to transfer all the tapes.

He has a fantastic collection all over he years and most of them never saw the light before !!!!!

Some more stuff will come, and this one is the 2nd.