Talking Heads
Punch and Judy Theater
Grosse Pointe, Michigan
August 21, 1978

Recorded by JEMS
Teac mic > Sony 153SD
TDK SA Cassette Master > Wavelab > FLAC

1 Intro
2 The Big Country
3 Warning Sign
4 The Book I Read
5 Stay Hungry
6 Artists Only
7 The Girls Want To Be With The Girls
8 Don't Worry About The Government
9 The Good Thing
10 With Our Love
11 Love Goes To Building On Fire
12 Electricity
13 New Feeling
14 Pulled Up
15 Psycho Killer
encore 1:
16 Found A Job
encore 2:
17 Take Me To The River
18 I'm Not In Love
encore 3:
19 No Compassion

We climb into the JEMS way-back machine: This show, in support of The Talking Heads second album (More Songs About Buildings and Food) was their first Detroit area appearance. It was also the first of a two-night stand at the intimate Punch and Judy Theater located in Grosse Pointe on Detroit's east side. They would return in October of 1978 for two more shows in one night at this venue.

The local radio DJ recieved the booing during his intro because his radio station (for that matter all the rock stations in town) wouldn't play anything remotely sounding like punk or new wave. The Talking Heads certainly weren't getting airplay anywhere in Detroit except for WDET, the public radio station. Once the band come on the audience remained unobtrusive for the rest of the show and hence the recording, which came out very well (sample below).

Tapeboy (for JEMS)