Talking Heads Boarding House San Francisco Ca. 1978-9-16
KSAN reels 633A, 633B, 633C

Reel plybck: Revox A-77(15ips)> Panasoic SV-250 DAT(internal A/D)
Plyback Panasonic 3800>Apple G4 (Peak editing, sample rate conversion)>
Xact prep>upload from files

reel #1
01. Big Country
02. Warning Sign
03. The Book I Read
04. Stay Hungry
05. Artists Only
06. Girls

reel #2
07. The Good Thing
08. Love > Buildings On Fire
09. Electricity
10. Found A Job
11. New Feeling/ Pulled Up
12. Psycho Killer

reel #3
13. Take Me To the River
14. I'm Not In Love
2nd Encore
15. No Compassion