Talking Heads
Live at the Roxy Theatre In Hollywood, California
September 19, 1978
early show (9:00)

Recorded by Mike Martin and Dan Burdec
using 2 Sony ecm-280 microphones > Teac PC-10 w/ Dolby > TDK SA-C90 cassette (about 10-15 feet from stage center)

Transfer of master:
Nakamichi CR-3A w/ Dolby > Audigy 4 Pro @ 24/44.1 > edited with NERO > Dithered to 16 bits w/ Audacity > Tracked w/ CD Wav > Flac (Level 8)

1. Introduction
2. Big Country >
3. Warning Sign
4. The Book I Read
5. Stay Hungry
6. Artists Only
7. The Girls Want To Be With The Girls
8. The Good Thing
9. With Our Love
10. Love Comes To Buildings On Fire
11. Electricity
12. New Feeling >
13. Pulled Up
14. Psycho Killer
15. Take Me To The River >
16. I’m Not In Love
17. Found A Job

Notes and Comments by Mike Martin:

What was punk music?
That was a question I was asking myself in the mid 1970’s.
I heard a live recording of a band called Television from the Whiskey
and decided I would go see the next punk band playing and that turned out to be the Talking Heads.
Which of course is not really punk music, but I didn't know that then.
I was able to borrow the recording equipment but I couldn’t get anyone interested in going with me
so I brought a willing first timer to help with the recording (Dan Burdec).
Everything was going fine and then the show started and the band wanted to see the audience so the stage lights went dark and the house lights went up.
You can hear my helper Dan’s comment to “Get That Freight Train Outta Here”.
A “Freight Train” being a stage term for a spotlight.
The band smoked from the beginning to the end of the set.
My impression was that David Byrne was possessed or crazy.
I needed more and I really wished that I had bought tickets for the sold out late show also.
The equipment was John Musgrave’s 2 ECM-280 Sony Microphones and the Teac PC-10 cassette deck with Dolby B on a TDK SA C-90 Cassette.
Here is the recording transferred to digital format and now ready to share 30+ years later.
Master played back on a Nakamichi CR-3A cassette deck with Dolby B.
Digitized to 24 bits @ 44.1 KHz Wave files with an Audigy 4 Pro sound card.
Some editing was required to piece together a tape flip and a couple of breaks between songs.
Editing was also applied to the audience applause sections to remove the loudest clapping.
Next the 24 bit files were dithered to 16 bits using audacity wave editor.
Tracks were then cut on boundaries with CD Wave.
Traders Little Helper converted to Flac (Level 8) and created the ffp and md5 files.
Mike Martin
January 2009
Flying M Productions


Flac conversion logfile

talking heads-1978-09-19-tr01.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr01.flac' (ratio = 0.432; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr02.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr02.flac' (ratio = 0.580; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr03.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr03.flac' (ratio = 0.609; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr04.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr04.flac' (ratio = 0.616; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr05.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr05.flac' (ratio = 0.630; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr06.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr06.flac' (ratio = 0.626; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr07.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr07.flac' (ratio = 0.616; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr08.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr08.flac' (ratio = 0.616; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr09.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr09.flac' (ratio = 0.625; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr10.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr10.flac' (ratio = 0.628; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr11.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr11.flac' (ratio = 0.622; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr12.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr12.flac' (ratio = 0.563; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr13.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr13.flac' (ratio = 0.587; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr14.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr14.flac' (ratio = 0.596; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr15.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr15.flac' (ratio = 0.603; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr16.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr16.flac' (ratio = 0.582; no need for sector alignment).
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr17.wav: successfully encoded to 'talking heads-1978-09-19-tr17.flac' (ratio = 0.599; 1236 zero-bytes appended for sector alignment).

No errors occured.

Flac fingerprint logfile

talking heads-1978-09-19-tr01.flac:e64c8b86b8dcf61aab4620acf3763c08
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr02.flac:3222f063fc875174e1925cd6c69dd065
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr03.flac:f71197a8eeb9aa7e92bfa2edb688e956
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr04.flac:5f668427dcd747476349cbf45b7158a5
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr05.flac:05170231919b895f971ada502131c3c0
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr06.flac:2009b75afa1c89edb8108c3b2d3fdf3d
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr07.flac:41cae931c1b96bcbe62aa7c366ce1530
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr08.flac:1bd9ce6672c65a298d49ad078e974833
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr09.flac:61599c75c1501ecdfc671e61799e2442
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr10.flac:c579ace7675060124a29b392dac97ca1
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr11.flac:a00f79c28cb9e6fde6d87d02970fc637
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr12.flac:62e134f5b4a25e2a1bcd2acedb8c582f
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr13.flac:42031ead65b2c0b269cb5263047284e8
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr14.flac:9e14f5c0f8ce7032f0331998d0a27a65
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr15.flac:6178f77f3cf8ab7c976717203915d3cc
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr16.flac:2d3cc733f4aeeda802697b511343b241
talking heads-1978-09-19-tr17.flac:258deefc8b1384da0c27b2c99bdc926f

Checksum file saved to disk.

No errors occured.

MD5 checksum logfile

5f62f2672d498a36b6ef2e3504ef7925 *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr01.flac
7e4dc4d8a77d11e4540dcff8d4cfd1df *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr02.flac
cba781e88dee4b463be6c1717d61a5ed *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr03.flac
12cec2f29d3c5fbb640281c12005d26e *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr04.flac
48ae789e95a5e0fa4c7d63e0aaedbbe6 *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr05.flac
a6429a71394edce591e67acc00f34b64 *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr06.flac
9c2063e343f0fcdc9cc4bdcdd74a0520 *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr07.flac
ecdfa1a51482f6f41ab2fe40e408b454 *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr08.flac
0d99b75065adf78a5a968d0cf600c38a *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr09.flac
32730acc07a4c3527e61b47b22e0b529 *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr10.flac
e6d426ff41fbd1e97250202048485090 *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr11.flac
cdd2888044b86ef729a74b5b343dfe2f *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr12.flac
f098790e800ee388a623cfae577f1026 *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr13.flac
f7a01da3c870667881488dbb7a6ee5a0 *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr14.flac
b6f2bf1c99a35dd4a42afc3b07149140 *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr15.flac
44d659040da18b85fbac1839dfcfba41 *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr16.flac
df9d3f79685f64084845f551891bb1cc *talking heads-1978-09-19-tr17.flac

No errors occured.

Create checksum file log saved to file.