Agora Ballroom
Atlanta GA

01 crowd
02 The Big Country
03 Warning Sign
04 The Book I Read
05 Stay Hungry
06 Artists Only
07 The Girls Want to Be With the Girls
08 The Good Thing
09 Uh-Oh Love Comes To Town
10 Love -> Building On Fire
11 Electricity
12 Found a Job/
13 New Feeling
14 Pulled Up
15 Psycho Killer
16 crowd
-- encore 1
17 Take Me to the River
18 I'm Not in Love
-- encore 2
19 No Compassion

Source: AUD (unknown gear) MAC > low-gen cassette copy via BFOQ.

Transfer: TDK SA-90 > Nakamichi CR-5A (Dolby off) > Edirol FA-66 >
Wavelab 2448 > R8Brain > CD-Wave > TLH > FLAC 1644 tagged. Transfer

Note: There's a five-second tape-damage gap at start of Uh-Oh Love
Comes to Town, also a tape-flip near end of Found a Job, with about
ninety seconds missing. With thanks to BFOQ for providing this tape!

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