Talking Heads
Beacon Theater
December 31, 1978

Recorded by "JF"
Equipment: AKG single point hand held mic>Sony 158 Cassette Recorder>
Nakamichi CR-7A>Cool Edit Pro>Flac

Location: Orch-Row R-Center

Recorded on one channel only.
Copied to second channel during fresh transfer.
I may have given this tape out long ago.
This is a fresh transfer.
Uploading here at DIME for all to enjoy.

Please share freely-retain all files and credits + Enjoy

01. The Big Country
02. Warning Sign
03. The Book I Read
04. Stay Hungry
05. Artists Only
06. The Girls Want To Be With the Girls
07. The Good Thing
08. Who Is It?
09. With Our Love
10. Love>Building On Fire
11. Drugs
12. New Feeling
13. Found A Job
14. Psycho Killer
15. Take Me To the River
16. Thank You For Sending Me An Angel