This show has long been my favorite Talking Heads recording. I had a copy of a bootleg version of this show for several years and the Band Intro (by the announcer) at the start of the show is my favorite Band Intro of all-time. There have been times that I have listened to the intro over and over again before playing the show, just because I thought it was incredible, and set the stage for the whole performance.

Recently a PreFM source for this show was made available, and I was very pleased to find that the sound quality was an upgrade from my "boot version." The only thing I didn't like about the new PreFM source was that the first 20 seconds of this epic intro were missing. Shortly after I downloaded this PreFM source from DIME, a "thir13en Remaster" version of this source was seeded on Zomb Torrents, which further improved the excellent sound quality of the PreFM source, but of course, this too was missing the first 20 seconds of the intro.

What I have done is taken the entire 23-second intro from the bootleg source of this show and spliced it into the thirten Remaster of this show. I have chosen to use the thir13en version of this show because I think it sounds better than any version out there. What we are left with is what I believe to be the DEFINITIVE version of this show, including the complete 23 second Band Introduction.

Source info for the band intro is the bootleg "Heaven"

Source info for the rest of the recording is the thir13en Remaster of the PreFM source
(SBD > WBCN Pre-FM reel > DAT @ 48 kHz > WAV > FLAC)

Of course, after splicing in the complete Intro I was left with a SBE (Sector Boundary Error) on Track 1, so I decoded all of the files to .wav and then re-encoded all of the files to FLAC (Level-8) with Trader's Little Helper with the "Align of Sector Boundaries" option checked. Nothing further has been modified.



The original text file from the thir13en Remaster is listed below...enjoy.

**Remastered** by thir13en


Talking Heads
Berklee Performance Center
Boston MA

Staying in the 70's. I actually didn't like them then. They are certainly an acquired taste type of band, and I figured it out eventually. Some true music writing milestones happened within this band, at that time.

01 Artists Only 5:46.57
02 Stay Hungry 3:38.29
03 Cities 5:10.21
04 Paper 2:40.00
05 Mind 5:21.67
06 Heaven 4:26.09
07 The Book I Read 5:37.06
08 Electric Guitar 3:09.57
09 Air 4:07.62
10 Warning Sign 5:18.67
11 Building On Fire 3:49.38
12 Memories Can't Wait 3:52.63
13 Psycho Killer 7:03.15
14 Life During Wartime 4:13.65
15 Take Me To The River 5:33.25


SBD > WBCN Pre-FM reel > DAT @ 48 kHz > WAV > FLAC

Number of reel and DAT generations unknown.

48 kHz DAT read on White Box Enterprise Linux 3 with kernel 2.4.21-27.0.2.EL
* read_dat 0.2 using DAT DDS ARCHIVE Python 01931-XXX firmware 5.63
* sndfile-resample using libsamplerate-0.1.2 libsndfile-1.0.11 and fftw-3.0.1

44.1 kHz WAV edited on Windows XP SP2
* Sound Forge 6.0e Build 237
fade out + mute end of set
fade out + mute end of encore
* CD Wave 1.93.3
removed pre show, pre encore and post encore cruft
track splits
* FLAC 1.1.1a with FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 level 7

No other cuts or edits from master. Talking Heads opened for The
B-52s. Post encore DJ banter implies this tape is complete.

Please do not sell. Trade only.
Please do not distribute MP3 versions of this material.
Please do not distribute this material without this info file.

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Yet another Bocci joint produced February 2005