Talking Heads
Wartburg, Wiesbaden, Germany
December - 15 - 1979

Audience tape of unknown generation received in a trade back in the 80's

Rec. Info:
Cassette of unknown generation -> transfer via Onkyo tapedeck TA-2330 -> Magix Music Cleaning Lab (remaster/edit) -> FLAC (44,1 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo) -> DIME
Fair sound even after some EQ. there is a lot of distortion mainly on the bassy side. The first song fades in and there is a cut in Memories Can't Wait.
I calmed down the audience noise bewtween songs.

This is soundwise one of the less good tapes of my uploads (check sample) but it will be very interesting for the fans as I have not seen this recording anywhere else
so I think it's uncirculated. The show is nice but I guess sort of a routine thing for the band.
There are some great photos of this show in the net, link:

Tape length 65:05 min.

01 Stay Hungry
02 Cities
03 Paper
04 Mind
05 The Book I Read
06 Air
07 New Feelin
08 Animals
09 Building On Fire
10 Found A Job
11 Memories Can't Wait
12 Psycho Killer
13 Life During Wartime
14 Take Me To The River

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Talking Heads 1979:

David Byrne: Vocals, Guitar
Tina Weymouth: Bass
Jerry Harrison - Keyboards
Chris Frantz: Drums

Uploaded to DIME by Stacheleber 2013/07/11