Fear Of Music � Early Mix [no label, 1CD]
Excellent soundboard.

At the beginning of June 2012, music collector Hans Devente, aka Madtaper, shared this tape on his blog. Edited from the original cassette, Hans ripped the tracks to a single WAV file.

CurtisEFlush splitted the tracks and applied slight noise reduction, cutted out a few gaps of silence and converted to FLAC�

Thanks to Hans Devente and CurtisEFlush for sharing the tracks.

Track 01. Cities
First minute is unfortunately somewhat garbled, but source tape is fine after that.
Track 02. Electric Guitar
Track 03. Life During Wartime
Track 04. Drugs
Track 05. I Zimbra
Track 06. Mind
Track 07. Heaven (Basic)
Track 08. Heaven (#2)
Track 09. Animals

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