Talking Heads
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 1979-XX-XX

lineage: aud cassette (unknown gen) > Xitel -> hd -> Nero (tracking) -> flac 8

1. Artists Only
2. Stay Hungry
3. Cities
4. Paper
5. Mind
6. Heaven
7. Electric Guitar
8. Air
9. Animals
10. Love->Building on Fire
tape flip
11. Found a Job
12. Memories Can Wait
13. Psycho Killer
14. Life During Wartime
15. Take Me to the River

This came undated, but the setlist places it squarely in 1979, probably from the fall tour.
They were in Kansas City on October 19th, and did two gigs in downstate Illinois on the 27th
and 28th. Then back home in early November. So, my best guess is that this is from October.

After a dicey beginning to Artists Only this settles down with really good sound for the next 10
songs, and then, following the tape flip, things slide a little. But, overall this is a very nice
recording for the time period.