Heads are gonna roll in the Big Apple
Talking Heads
(with Adrian Belew)
Central Park
New York City, N.Y.
(part of the Dr. Pepper Concert Series)
August 27, 1980
performance quality: A-
recording quality: B
source: 1st generation audience tape
runtime: 71:27
1: radio announcer stage introduction
2: psycho killer
3: warning sign
4: stay hungry
5: cities
6: band introductions
7: I zimbra
8: once in a lifetime
9: houses in motion
10: born under punches
11: crosseyed and painless
12: life during wartime
13: take me to the river
14: the great curve
A high energy outdoor Talking Heads summer show in the Big Apple. It's a nice recording, not too
much crowd noise and a little better deck and mikes were used for this, than the L.A. one that's
going up (after it gets a new transfer, I was all set to post it then found out it's offspeed.)
as a seperate companion to this, a sort of Heads in the West and East U.S.A. of this fine tour
they did in late 80 and early 81 with Adrian Belew. This one is a little shorter show (I think
this is complete except a few seconds missed at the end of 1 song, I think it's track 9- houses),
they're both nice concerts. This one has both my favorite songs of this or any Talking Heads tour,
and hot versions of both, Crosseyed and Painless and Born Under Punches. (no crosseyed in LA, even
though it's a full 80 minute show). I am not certain that this is an almost complete show, but I
think it is. For those of you who may think New York City is far north enough to be refreshingly
cool for an August concert in Central Park- uh, usually not. I don't know how hot it was this day,
but with 10 million people and almost as many cars, planes and busses driving around, summer in
NYC can get quite uncomfortable (although compared to a summer in Texas the weather and air probably
seems refreshing) and a concert by the TH would likely not be their usual 80-90 minute set in those
conditions. This sounds like a summer concert, a hot weather concert and a hot concert. Not just a
few good songs, they all sounded well played and it was a good setlist.
Do not sell this recording.
(not even for a pallet of punctured Dr. Peppers)
Trade freely and losslessly.