Talking Heads
(David Byrne,
Adrian Belew,
Jerry Harrison,
Chris Frantz,
Bernie Worrell
and 3 others)
the Palladium
Hollywood, California, U.S.A.
October 20, 1980
performance quality: B+/A- pretty nice
recording quality: B
unknown mikes and deck (decent ones, not great) >
master cassettes > my copy (both TDK-SA) >
soundforge 4.5 (WAV) > CD > CD extractor (WAV) >
FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
setlist: 78:45
1: psycho killer 5:57
2: warning sign 6:14
3: stay hungry 3:54
4: cities 5:14
5: band introductions :35
6: I zimbra 4:56
7: drugs 5:09
8: once in a lifetime 6:20
9: animals 4:31
10: houses in motion 6:35
11: born under punches 7:27
12: life during wartime 6:12
13: take me to the river 6:23
14: encore break 1:58
15: the great curve 7:14
this concert may be from October, but it sounds like it's from July,
maybe because it's almost always sunny and warm (if not hot) in L.A.
as many go there for that (and what comes with it) as go there to make
it in the movies. Talking Heads is one of those bands that makes me think
of dog day weather, even though the only show I saw of this delightfully
fun tour was a few weeks after this one. It's a whole show too, as at last
look none of this show is included in officially released material. I
already posted the New York show (minus one track which was officially
released) so now we can have a Talking Heads in N.Y. and L.A. party.
the Boston part of the story comes a little later. (worth the wait).
do not sell this recording.
trade freely and losslessly.