Talking Heads
at Radio City Music Hall
New York, NY
Sunday, November 2, 1980

81:48 (A= 48:00; B= 37:48)

1. Psycho Killer (minus beg.)
2. Warning Sign
3. Stay Hungry
4. Cities
-band intros.
5. I Zimbra
6. Drugs
7. Once In A Lifetime
8. Animals
9. Houses In Motion (cut)
9. Houses In Motion (minus beg.)
10. Born Under Punches
11. Crosseyed And Painless
12. Life During Wartime
13. Take Me To The River 
14. The Great Curve

David Byrne= vocals, guitar
Jerry Harrison= guitar, keyboards, vocals
Tina Weymouth= bass, keyboards
Chris Frantz= drums
Adrian Belew= guitar, vocals, percussion
Bernie Worrell= keyboards, vocals, percussion
Busta 'Cherry' Jones= bass
Steve Scales= percussion, vocals
Dollette McDonald= vocals, percussion

NOTE: 'Houses In Motion' opens B, in mid- song
A cuts at 44:16 followed by a live recording of very accomplished acoustic guitar

Arcorman, 15 June 2012:

Many, many thanks to the dutch long time TH + TTC fan Hans Devente, (Madtaper) for this recording !!!!!!!!!!

He´s a good friend with the bands over 30 years........

I got in contact with Hans some months ago.

I was very proud to get his TH tape collection in wave format, after he posted some mp3 stuff on a blog.

Anyway. I gave him some money for his work to transfer all the tapes.

He has a fantastic collection all over he years and most of them never saw the light before !!!!!

Some more stuff will come, and this one is the 4th.

BTW: I made 15 tracks out of that wave file and "I Zimbra" includes the "Intro" (it was better to cut) and "Houses In Motion" is in 2 tracks (pert 1 & 2).