Talking Heads
February 24, 1981
Aichi Public Welfare Annuity Hall
Nagoya Japan

Audience recording, unknown equipment and lineage
Transfer from cassette > Wav > Soundforge > CD-Wave > Flac

Disc One (38:52)

01. Psycho Killer
02. Warning Sign
03. Stay Hungry
04. Cities
05. band intros
05. I Zimbra
06. Drugs
07. Once in a Lifetime

Disc Two (46:41)

01. Houses in Motion
02. Born Under Punches
03. Crosseyed and Painless
04. Life During Wartime
-- Encores --
05. Take Me to the River
06. The Great Curve

The Band:
David Byrne, Guitar and Vocals
Tina Weymouth, Bass
Chris Frantz, Drums
Jerry Harrison, Guitar and Keyboards
Dollette MacDonald, Vocals
Busta Jones, Bass
Steven Scales, Percussion
Bernie Worell, Keyboards
Adrian Belew, Guitar

Soundforge was used to remove some hiss in the right channel.
CD-Wave was used to split the tracks.
Disc two starts after original tape flip.