Leiden Holland
June 30 1982

Pre-Tour Rehearsal

d1t01 Psycho Killer intro
d1t02 Pyscho Killer
d1t03 Love > Building on Fire (beginning cut)
d1t04 Cities
d1t05 Big Blue Plymouth
d1t06 Once in a Lifetime
d1t07 Mind
d1t08 My Big Hands
d1t09 Big Business
d1t10 I Zimbra
d2t01 Swamp (beginning cut)
d2t02 Slink
d2t03 Houses in Motion
d2t04 What a Day that Was
d2t05 Life During Wartime
d2t06 Take Me To the River
d2t07 Crosseyed & Painless

Audience master tape from the collection of Hans Devente, tape #43.
Transfer by Hans: Cassette > Nakamichi Dragon > Audacity > WAV > FLAC.
Edits: FLAC > TLH > Wavelab > CD-Wave > TLH > FLAC 1644 tagged.

Hans note about this tape: "I am now ripping and listening to this tape,
for the first time in just shy of 30 years. I was at Leiden Hall during
the set up of the show, and what started as a soundcheck became a full
90 minute show, played for a one person audiene, little old me. I remember
I sat on a chair in the middle of the vast echoing hall and saw a more
than complete show, where they played everything that they would play
later, and more. The sound is as if they are at one end of a giant empty
train station and you are at the other end, but it's a fascinating tape,
and I guarantee you that no one in the world has ever hear this since."