Montreux, Jazz Festival
July 9, 1982
(FM + vinyl source)

CDr>CDwave>WAVE>FlacFrontend Level 8>FLAC>TORRENT

Vinyl>CDwave>WAVE>FlacFrontend level 8>FLAC>TORRENT ( Track 3 )

01) Under The Boardwalk ( Tom Tom Club )
02) Wordy Rappinghood ( Tom Tom Club )
03) Genius Of Love ( Tom Tom Club ) (off vinyl bootleg "Chance Meeting" )
04) Psycho Killer
*** Cities removed due to being officially released on "Chronology" ***
05) Big Blue Plymouth
06) Once In A Lifetime
07) Mind
08) My Big Hands
09) Big Business
10) I Zimbra
11) Swamp
14) Slink ( Jerry Harrison )
15) Houses In Motion
16) What A Day That Was
17) Life During Wartime
18) Take Me To The River ( fade out )

Not quite sure where i got this from nor from whom, but thanks to the hands (and Heads) involved.

When I recieved it there was no ffp or md5 which makes me think it was off of TC back when it was around, though it could have been from another now extinct tracker...

I made fingerprints, removed "Cities" and did a spectrum analysis of "I Zimbra" with Audacity, which I have included a screen shot of.

It does not appear to be lossy to me, just a highly compresed FM. I am by no means an expert on theses matters though and if someone with more experience than me along these lines deems it lossy I will accept that. Hopefully walking away with an education on how to determine it better.

I did a spectrum analysis of the vinyl sourced "Genius of Love" too. Absolutely no screen shot was necessary for that one.

As far as the show itself goes, it does have some sound issues here and there but all in all it's a good listen. I'm not just saying that because I think that any TH is good TH either.

Also it appears as if a different version of this show was uploaded to DIME back in 2004. If there is an upgrade to this copy out there I'd love to hear it!!!

This is from the original text file:

I got this tape in a trade in the middle 80's. The bootleg-tape-label was

" Anaconda Tapes " ( if someone remember that guys ) again.

" Genius Of Love " was missing on this tape. That's the reason I took the

version of the vinyl bootleg " Chance Meeting".

( )

artwork is included ( without mentioned track 3 )

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