Artist: Talking Heads
Location: Wembley Arena, London, England
Date: 12th July 1982
Recording: Audience

VG audience recording taken from an old cassette and transferred to CDR, probably about 9 years ago.
The sound is typical of Wembley Arena, rather 'hollow'. Check the sample in the comments section.
No sound correction or additional noise reduction was used at that stage.
There is also a Tom Tom Club song as a bonus at the end (they provided the support act for TH).
I've checked the tracker (including dead torrents) and cannot find this show, so hopefully this is a first time out.
Thankyou to the original taper.
Sorry, no artwork.

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Disc One: (46:48)
1.Psycho Killer
3.Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)
4.Once In A Lifetime
6.My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks)
7.Big Business...
8....I Zimbra

Disc Two: (46:35)
2.Houses In Motion
3.What A Day That Was
4.Life During Wartime
5.Take Me To The River
6.Crosseyed & Painless
7.Genius Of Love*
*Tom Tom Club

David Byrne - Guitar/Vocals
Jerry Harrison - Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals
Tina Weymouth - Bass/Vocals
Chris Frantz - Drums
Steve Scales - Percussion
Alex Weir - Guitar
Tyron Downie - Keyboards
Raymond Jones - Keyboards
Dolette McDonald - Vocals
Lani Weymouth - Vocals
Laurie Weymouth - Vocals