TALKING HEADS - Bad Segeberg, Germany, Jazz Festival 23.07.82 ( Aud )

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01. Psycho Killer
02. Love Goes To Buildings On Fire
03. Cities
04. Big Blue Plymouth
05. Big Blue Plymouth ( continue )
06. Once In A Lifetime
07. Mind
08. My Big Hands
09. Big Business
10. I Zimbra
11. Swamp
12. Slink
13. Houses In Motion
14. What A Day That Was
15. Life During Wartime
16. Take Me To The River
17. Crosseyed & Painless

I was at this jazz festival in 1982. When we came to Bad Segeberg ( itīs a venue

like the Waldbuehne in Berlin ), Jimmy Cliff was playing. After him the Tom Tom Club

climbed the stage. I was very nervous, because it was my 2nd concert. I was

16 years old and stood about 2 meters away from the stage.

This place was often used ( and in germany known ) as venue for the " Karl May - Festspiele "

So I saw David Byrne & the other heroes instead of winnetou and old shatterhand !!!

The big point came when David Byrne jumped of the stage and begun to "dance" backwards

to the audience. This was a chance for me to touch his sweatened shirt !!!

What a feeling !!!!

The guy who went with me to the concert was a known taper in my hometown.

On every fair he sold his tapes which were mostly taped by him.

When I asked him if he has his recorder present, he said : " Not so important,

I have all songs on official records. Thatīs enough for me " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I began to hate him and asked me, why his girlfriend doesnīt split with such an

ignorant & lazy idiot !!!!!

Anyway, some years later I got a tape of the Talking Heads gig from some guys in

a trade, who called themselfes " Anaconda Tapes".

A nice little bootleg tape label , which brought me for the first


Talking Heads - Boston 1979 ( the one and only )

and The Jam - Tokyo 1982 ( FM )

Artwork of the CDr is included, also a scan of the original "Anaconda" tape- cover,

and some pics of the gig, shot by me with my little pocket- cam.

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