Talking Heads Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland
Maine August 6 1983 audience First Generation VERY GOOD SOUND
Sony Walkman Pro-recorder Mic unknown
The Tape Ends When My Friend Is Grabbed & Tossed Out
This Show Was Reviewed in Rolling Stone as One of the best shows of the year !!
Set List:
1. Psycho Killer
2. Heaven
3. Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
4. Buildings On Fire
5. The Book I Read
6. Slippery People
7. Cities
8. Eyes Wide Open
9. Burning Down The House
10. Life During Wartime
11. Making Flippy Floppy
12. Swamp
13. What A Day That Was
14. This Must Be The Place
15. Once In A Lifetime
16. Big Business (Incomplete)