Talking Heads
Patrick Gymnasium
Burlington, Vermont
October 1, 1983

Lineage: Master cassette => cassette => cassette => Stand-alone Pioneer CD burner => EAC => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => WAV => FLAC Front-end (level 8)

Disc one (63:09):
(1) Psycho Killer (6:12)
(2) Heaven (3:59)
(3) Thank You For Sending Me An Angel (2:18)
(4) Love Comes To A Building On Fire (3:12)
(5) The Book I Read (4:41)
(6) Slippery People (5:24)
(7) Cities (4:50)
(8) Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open) (4:49)
(9) Burning Down The House (3:57)
(10) Life During Wartime (5:43)
(11) Making Flippy Floppy (5:54)
(12) Swamp (5:11)
(13) What A Day That Was (6:53)

Disc two (58:34):
(1) Na´ve Melody (This Must Be The Place) (5:23)
(2) Once In A Lifetime (5:41)
(3) Big Business => I Zimbra (8:26)
(4) Houses In Motion (6:32)
(5) Genius of Love (6:28)
(6) Girlfriend Is Better (6:08)
(7) Take Me To The River (8:18)
(8) Pull Up The Roots (5:42)
(9) Cross-Eyed and Painless (5:51)

Fingerprint file is included. Sorry, no artwork.

Comments: I was very surprised to find these cassettes in my collection. This is one of the best-sounding audience recordings I've heard from their 1983 tour, and to my knowledge it's not very widely circulated. The fidelity of the recording is superb; the taper was obviously very close to the stage and PA because you can hear Byrne's off-mike talking periodically, countdowns to begin songs, etc. . . . and yet the mix (for a 1983 recording) is extremely good. This is one that even casual Heads fans will enjoy.

The performance itself is as good as any from the tour -- I haven't heard much of a difference from show to show; I think they put a pretty consistent (great) show every night that I've heard. I think this was one of the best tours ever, by any artist, and the setlist was a perfect showcase for their diverse range of material.

The only drawback (and it's a small one) is that the sound is different on my "B"-side of tape one -- sounds like Dolby was used on just that side of the cassette (running roughly from D1T9 to D2T3. I used Audix to reduce the higher frequencies a shade and the difference is pretty minor now; I am including mp3 samples from each cassette side to give a cross-section of the show.

If you're a Heads fan at all and haven't heard anything from this tour (except perhaps the movie/live album), you'll want this one.