Talking Heads
Tulley Forum, University of Lowell
Billerica, Mass.
2 Oct 1983

Audience 2nd gen from master

Unknown Recorder/cassette-->cassette-->Maxell XLII-S90-->Sony PCM-10/16-bit, 44,000 wav files-->Amadeus II Pro to split tracks-->xACT--Flac Level 6, SBE corrected

01. Psycho Killer
02. Heaven
03. Thank you for sending me an angel
04. Love Comes to a Building on Fire
05. The Book I Read
06. Slippery People
07. Cities
08. Big Blue Plymouth
09. Burned Generator Parts 1 and 2
10. Burning Down the House
11. Making Flippy Floppy
12. Swamp
13. What a Day it Was
14. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)
15. Once in a Lifetime
16. Big Business->
17. I Zimbra
18. Houses in Motion
19. Genius of Love
20. Girlfriend is Better
21. Take Me to the River
22. Life During Wartime

Tapeflip between cuts 10 and 11,18 and 19; tape cut between 21 and 22 for encore. Occasional pauses to save tape between songs.

For a tour that had a very consistent setlist and program to it, this set is unique in that the lighting generator caught fire after about the first 35 minutes of the show. The band took a break and then came back and played the remainder of the set without their usual lighting.

Although the crowd is fairly loud between songs, generally the recording is quite good during the music itself. I don�t know whether this recording circulates much these days, but there�s no evidence of it here. This is the first time I�ve digitized my second-generation copy, so it seemed worth sharing. If anyone has either the master or a copy made directly from the master, please feel free to post it.

Enjoy. Buy the band�s recordings, go see its former members when you can.